A one-time deposit is required to hold a childcare spot. This deposit is due when the application is submitted and will be applied to the second month’s fees when child attends the childcare. This will be waived by then supervisor if enrollment is immediate or the family will be receiving subsidized care.

Full time deposit is $100.00 and part-time deposit is $50.00. If for any reason the child’s application is pulled and the child does not attend the childcare a $25.00 processing fee will apply and the balance will be returned by cheque within 30 days.

When N.S.F. (non-sufficient fund) cheques are returned, the service charge by the bank will be added to the next month’s fee.

If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child, a minimum notice of one month is required or one month’s fee in lieu of notice.

Deposit fees are only due once a spot has been accepted by the family.