The waitlist for childcare is managed by the supervisor through the applications on the Waterloo Region Onelist site. The supervisor will check the site as often as possible and contact the new applicants through email or a phone call. If there is no response to that contact in a week’s time the supervisor will try a second time using a different contact method. All attempted correspondence will be noted in the comments portion of the Onelist page. A waitlist will be available in the Supervisor’s office so a parent can inquire about their waitlist status at any time while maintaining privacy and the confidentiality of the children listed. There is no fee applied to families to be added to the waitlist.

Applicants that respond:
Upon response from the applicant, they will be offered a tour and interview with the supervisor at a time convenient for both parties. At that time the family will be provided with a registration package and Parent Handbook.

Applicants that do not respond:
The supervisor will continue to monitor applications on Onelist. If 6 months have passed from application date or the date the family needed care and there has been no response, the supervisor then may remove the applicant from the waitlist.

Sometimes families are referred through others or walk in the child care requesting information. In this case, the supervisor will provide the family with all the information required including a Parent Handbook and refer them to the Onelist site to register. A tour may be set up right away if the family desires or they can wait until they have researched their options. The supervisor will do everything they can to assist the family in finding care.

Admission: Once a spot becomes available the Supervisor will offer it to the family in the first priority position on the waitlist under that age group (i.e. Toddler or Preschooler). If that family does not need the spot any longer the supervisor will continue down the list in order of priority until the spot is filled.