We view children as competent, motivated learners. They are continually exploring and interacting with their environment. They test what they know, solve problems, plan and experiment as they go, naturally building off of their previous experiences. Research shows children learn from their environment and engage when they are interested in what is going on around them. Teachers are guided by the ‘How does learning happen’ document and will take a responsive approach to guiding the children in the areas of Well-being, Engagement, Belonging and Expression. The teachers will use their knowledge to set the stage for self-motivated learning. As a child begins to ask questions the teacher will offer support for the child to investigate, learn and discover the answers they are searching for. Materials will be provided to enhance the process allowing the child to ask questions and take the lead in their own learning. This can be done through books, materials, group discussions and hands on experiments. The children’s progress and discovery will be documented using pictures and writings using words from the children when possible.

Documentation may have a variety of looks including, pictures taken and provided for viewing by parents, a poster illustrating the process taken as the children made a certain discovery, written documentations are on display in the classroom and in the hallway. These are also put into the children’s portfolio binders. They are able to access their binders at any time and they will be given to the children when they are done at the center. How long the topic is discussed and in what way it will be implemented will be based on what emerges from the children’s own expansion, input and interests. The teachers will strive to be aware of the children’s interests emerging in the classroom and support the children in any way possible. God has provided us with a great big world, full of potential and possibilities we want to foster that wonder in the children.