In demonstrating our belief of inclusion and the understanding that each child is unique and important we take the following steps:

Each child has an Individual Program Plan (IPP) and/ or an ISP. This plan starts at the time the parents fill out their portion of the IPP that is a part of the registration package. This gives parents the opportunity to share their own goals/concerns regarding their child’s development and gives us insight into any agencies that may be involved in the child’s life.

This IPP is developed and implemented as the child continues to grow and learn new skills. If a child is receiving support from an outside agency they may have a more detailed Individual Service Plan (ISP) instead that is prepared by staff and/or a Resource Consultant with the input of parents and outside services. These are located in the resource binder.

ISP’s are read by all staff, students and volunteers prior to starting to work with the children, annually thereafter and whenever changes are made to the ISP.
IPP’s are read as soon as possible and updated as needed.