The teachers at The Oaks Early Learning Childcare understand that children learn and grow at different rates. However, there are times when children need extra attention and assistance to meet their potential in some areas of development. Due to the challenges some children face we want to make sure we are supporting these children and their families as much as possible.

Therefore, the teachers of The Oaks Early Learning and Childcare will do a Nipissing checklist for each child. (Unless additional services are already in place that includes a more extensive assessment). This checklist will be done at least two months after the child starts at the childcare. This allows the child to be comfortable with the program allowing the results of the checklist to be more accurate.

This information will be used by teachers to ensure developmental needs are being met when supporting the child’s learning within the classroom. Any concerns from the results of these checklists will be shared with the parents. Additional supports may be pursued if the teachers and parents believe it would be in the best interest of the child.

This screening and all actions and goals developed from it are added to the child’s IPP and are expected to be implemented by the staff on an ongoing basis.