A child will only be released to the parent, guardian or alternative as listed on the registration or pick up and release form. If that parent or guardian is unable to pick up the child they may notify the teacher at the beginning of the day which one of the alternates will be picking them up. If someone not listed on the registration form attempts to pick up the child the teacher will attempt to contact the parent to get a verbal confirmation. If the teacher cannot reach the parent the child will stay with the teacher until the situation is resolved.

If a person other than the parent or guardian is picking up a child, picture identification will have to be shown by the individual before the child will be released. i.e. a driver license. When releasing a child to the parent or guardian, our first concern is the safety of the child. If at the time of departure, a staff is concerned that a child may be at risk they will not allow the child to be released until the situation has been resolved.

* child is being transported by motorcycle without a helmet
* Child is not buckled in a proper car seat
* Adult is showing signs of being impaired by either drug or alcohol

In the event of a perceived danger to the child, the following steps will be taken: Address the adult directly about your concern. Emphasize that your concern is about the safety of the child. If possible, suggest ways to remedy the situation. E.g. call someone to assist them. Try to arrange alternate transportation for the adult if needed.

*Call the other parent
*Call the emergency person
*Call taxi

If the adult insists on taking the child, take down the license plate number and notify police.