Please send your child with comfortable washable play clothes that are easily manageable by the child (i.e. for toileting). Shoes need to be suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

2. Mark child’s name on his/her clothing and possessions.

3. Please send a change of clothes, including undergarments, in the child’s bag the can be left at the childcare on the child’s hook for your convenience. A supply of diapers/pull-ups and wipes can be labeled and left if the child is not yet toilet trained. Individual baskets are provided for these items in the washroom area.

4. We would encourage play toys from home to stay at home, however, if a child insists on bringing a toy from home the teachers and childcare are not responsible for its return home. We will do our best to keep track of the toy, however, often times these precious toys get lost and cause great sadness to the child.

5. If a security item is needed to assist the child to transition into the room or during sleep time please label the item and we will do our best to keep track of it and encourage the child to put it away when they are done with it.

6. A blanket will be used for children who are napping in the afternoon. These blankets are washed each week by the staff for health purposes. If you provide a blanket or pillow from home these items will also be washed by the staff unless it is taken home for the weekend. In such a case we ask that you would wash the item before returning the next week. A cuddle toy for nap time is also good to have, these toys will stay with the child’s bed as much as possible to ensure they do not get lost.

7. Candy and chewing gum are not allowed at school.