All snacks provided by the childcare will meet the nutritional requirements as stated in the Child Care and Early Years Act and the Canada Food Guide. There will be two food groups represented at snack. An assortment of fruit will be provided with each morning snack and a vegetable plate will be provided with each afternoon snack unless otherwise stated on the menu. Water is served with each snack and is available to the children at all times throughout the day.

Lunch is provided to all children in accordance with the Child Care and Early Years Act and the Canada Food Guide. All food groups will be offered during this meal. The Menu will be posted for the current and next week. A fruit/vegetable combo plate or salad and fruit plate will be offered with each lunch unless otherwise stated on the menu. Milk is offered at each lunch.

Special Occasions
In the event of a special occasion (i.e. birthdays or holiday celebrations), staff may provide an additional nut-free snack. All changes or additions to the snack schedule will be posted for parents to see. In accordance with the Waterloo Regional Health Unit, treats brought from home will not be served to the children. If parents would like to provide a special snack to celebrate a special occasion they may do so provided that it is store bought and displays a label stating all ingredients and shows it is nut-free.

Food Allergies
We are a Peanut Free childcare and therefore all labels will be checked when purchasing foods for the center. If a child has an allergy an alternate/ modified snack will be provided by the childcare. A food allergy/medical list is posted in all areas the children gather as well as the kitchen and in the emergency binder. The parents of a child with food allergies/preferences will be provided a menu and they will be asked to authorize the staff to provide alternative food for the child. An alternative food agreement will be signed acknowledging the changes.

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