Sleep room is a time when the children who need it get the opportunity to quiet themselves, rest and restore their energy so they can be ready to engage in the rest of the day. Preschool children – the sleep room is separate from the classroom. This allows the children that do not require a nap or rest to be engaged in quiet activities. The children in the sleep room then have the opportunity to rest without disruption. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s sleep habits with the staff prior to starting at the childcare and anytime during enrolment that changes need to be made. If the child sleeps regularly they will go to sleep room for that period of time. If a parent only wants a child to sleep a specific amount of time the child may have the opportunity to stay in the playroom until it is time for them to rest. If a child does not usually sleep but asks to rest they will be given the opportunity to rest as well. If they are unable to rest they may return to the classroom to engage in quiet play. Please note that the flexibility of this policy is determined by staff ratios. If a non-sleeping child stays in the sleep room they will be provided with quiet activities in that room.
Toddler children – sleep on cots that are arranged in their classroom. These cots will be set up and removed daily.

Each child is provided with a cot that is labeled with their name. Each cot has a sheet that is provided by the childcare. A blanket can be brought in by the child or provided by the childcare. Preschoolers can also bring in a pillow ensuring it has a pillowcase covering it as it will be washed. Beds are stripped down and sanitized weekly. Sheets, blankets, and pillowcases are washed weekly.