When receiving medications for a child from a parent/guardian the following requirements must be compiled with:

  • Medication must be in its original container
  • The Prescribing Doctor’s information must be present on the label
  • The label must also contain- The name of the child, the date it was prescribed and expiry date (if applicable), the amount of each dose to be given, the time of day it should be administered and the number of doses per day allowed.
  • A medication form must be signed by the parent/guardian

Medications must be locked up and out of the reach of children at all times. (EpiPen can be carried in a med pack by the RECE or in the backpack). Medications requiring refrigeration must be locked in a med box in the fridge.

Medication that is prescribed by a doctor must be administered by an RECE staff. One staff will be designated to administer medications with a backup staff in place in case administration is at the time of the first staff’s lunch or during their absence.

  • The staff must check the medication container to ensure it matches the child‘s name it is being given to.
  • The dosage will be measured by the administering staff and when possible checked by the second staff if present.
  • The dosage will be given to the child in its entirety
  • The staff will then record the administration on the medication form and initial
  • At pick up, parents will initial the form acknowledging the medication was given