When receiving non-prescription medication for a child from a parent/guardian the following requirements must be complied with:

  • For over the counter medications such as Tylenol etc. The medication must be accompanied by a parent form that is dated and states the type of medication to be given along with the conditions that must be present in order for the medication to be administered. The note must state the temperature at which it is to be administered if it is for fever.
  • Due to the frequency and their longer-term daily usage, sunscreen, diaper creams, lip balms and hand sanitizers can have a blanket authorization from a parent and can be administered without a medication form as long as they are non-prescription and/or they are not for acute (symptomatic) treatment, whether they have a drug administration number (DIN) or not.
  • In case of fever that reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the parents of the child will be called notifying them that the medication will be given, however, the child will also need to be picked up.
  • All other medications such as creams will be discussed with parents at pick–up.
  • Staff must fill out an initial the non-prescription medication administration form when providing any medicated product to a child. (This may be filled out upon registration and stored in the child’s section of the health and safety