1. Parents will be informed of the details of the upcoming trip in written format. Details to be included will be the name and address of destination, departure and arrival times, costs, mode of transportation, date of field trip as well as any specifics regarding that particular trip.
  2. The field trip form should have a detachable consent form for the parents to sign and return. Include a space for a telephone number that the parent can be reached at on the day of the trip. These forms shall accompany the staff on the trip.
  3. Staff must take the attendance book, emergency information, first aid kit, and any necessary money for the trip.
  4. Leave a complete list of all children and adults that have gone on the trip, as well as the destination, departure and arrival time, mode of transportation and a name and telephone number where staff can be reached in case of emergency. All information will be left at the church office or with one of the church staff.
  5. All children should wear tags with the childcare name and phone number. Do not put the child’s name on the tag.
  6. The field trip destination and transportation should be confirmed the day before the field trip.
  7. An emergency car can be taken to the site by a parent volunteer if possible.
  8. If you would like to accompany the class on a field trip a vulnerable sector police check would be required in compliance with the Childcare and Early ears Act 2014