Although head lice is not a considered a communicable disease and do not spread disease. It is important to control in a group setting. Please be aware that contracting head lice have nothing to do with neither the cleanliness of the child nor the standard of hygiene in the home.


If a child is suspected to have head lice parents will be informed to pick up the child as soon as possible.

The parent will receive “Head lice Treatment guidelines” from the public health binder.
Parent will need to treat the child and remove all eggs.In order to minimize the spread of head lice, all dress up clothes will be removed for washing and will only return after all children are free of head lice.

Returning to the center

If head lice have been found and treated, the child may return to the preschool as long as all nits have been removed.

It is essential that all eggs are removed after the treatment as eggs (nits) may hatch and re-infest
the child.