We recognize that in order to maintain the professional quality of the program we must act in accordance with the policies and procedures as outlined in the Childcare and Early Years Act 2014. The following policy will be implemented with all volunteers and placement students.

Before beginning work with the children, each volunteer/student will go through an orientation process. The orientation checklist will be followed and signed by the supervisor and the student/volunteer.

*Review of all required policies will take place before working with the children and annually afterward.

*Review of the Positive Interactions policies will be reviewed with volunteers and students before they begin to work with the children, and annually afterward.

*Review each Individual Service Plan and the Allergy/ Medical Plan created for a child and annually afterward. The review page will need to be signed.

* A Criminal reference check with Vulnerable Sector is required for all volunteers/ students working directly with the children. The expense for this is the responsibility of the individual, not The Oaks Early Learning Childcare.

Supervision guidelines

*Students and volunteers cannot be left alone with the children; a staff member must be supervising at all times.

* Volunteers and students cannot be counted in child/staff ratios

*A Positive Interaction observation will be done on volunteers each year by the supervisor and reviewed with the individual



*A Positive Interactions review observation will be done on volunteer each year by the supervisor and reviewed with the individual.